How do I start or stop service?

Call Administrative Services Department, Water Services Division of the City of Paso Robles at  or come in to Administrative Services, located at 821 Pine Street. Read more information about starting or stopping service.

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1. Can I pay my bill online?
2. Can I make a payment by phone?
3. How is my water and sewer bill calculated?
4. When will I get my water and sewer bill, and when is the payment due?
5. How do I start or stop service?
6. Why do I have to pay a sewer charge?
7. Why do I have to pay a deposit if I am renting? I have had water service before in the city.
8. Do you have direct debit for payment of my water bill?
9. I am installing a water softener. What is the hardness of the city’s water?
10. I am concerned about water quality and safety. Who do I contact to test my water?
11. My water bill is incorrect. Whom do I contact?
12. There is a leak at my water meter. Whom do I contact?
13. How do I read my water meter?
14. Does the city have a drop box to deliver after hour payments?
15. How do I obtain a hydrant meter for construction water?