Where can I find the Mobile App for my device?

The City of Paso Robles app can be used to enjoy convenient access to services such as up-to-date announcements, press releases, upcoming meeting agendas, and much more. You may also find current employment opportunities or contact information for City of Paso Robles’ departments. 

Download the app today and connect with City of Paso Robles!

To download the app on an Apple® device

  • Download the app from the Apple iTunes® Store here or search the name "CivicMobile" in the iTunes® App Store. Make sure to choose "CivicMobile" and not the "CivicMobile Preview" or "CivicMobile Demo."
  • Once the CivicMobile app is downloaded, search Paso Robles, CA or use the ‘Find My Location’ feature to find the City of Paso Robles app.
  • Once Paso Robles has been selected during the first use, it will open the City mobile app each time the app is used.

To download the app on an Android device

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