What are the height requirements for fencing?
  • Fences located in a front yard shall not exceed three feet. The height may be increased to four feet for residential and office uses, and 6 feet for commercial uses when approved by the Development Review Committee. 
  • Fences located within a side or rear yard may not exceed six feet. This height may be increased to eight feet for residential and office uses if the side or rear yard abuts an industrial or commercial use, or an arterial or collector street as designated by the Circulation Element (PDF) of the City’s General Plan
  • Fences on street side yards or atop retaining walls may have additional regulations, in which case the Planning Division should be contacted for further information.

Code information for fencing may also be viewed in Section 21.20.140 Fences and Hedges of the Municipal Code. For any other questions regarding fencing, contact the Planning Division at 805-237-3970.

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