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1. 1. What is Recreation Services?
2. 2. How do I register for a class?
3. 3. How do I reserve a meeting room, sports field/court or barbeque pavilion?
4. 4. Where are you located?
5. 5. What are your hours of operation?
6. 6. Do I need a membership to participate in your camps, classes, lessons or leagues?
7. 7. Do you offer scholarships for recreation activities?
8. 8. Do you offer aquatics programs?
9. 9. Where can I swim laps?
10. 10. Are there open swim sessions at Centennial or Municipal Pool?
11. 11. When/how can I sign up for swimming lessons?
12. 12. Do you offer free drop-in basketball?
13. 13. Are you part of the YMCA?
14. 14. Do I need to reserve a tennis court or pickleball court to play?
15. 15. What is the best way to contact Recreation Services?
16. 16. How can I find out about what classes you are offering?
17. 17. Are classes open to everyone or just Paso Robles residents?
18. 18. Who do I contact if I’m interested in teaching a class?
19. 19. Does the city have walking or hiking trails? If so, where are they?